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Online auction being held for Hudsonville 4-H

Posted at 6:39 AM, Aug 19, 2020

HUDSONVILLE — Usually this time of year fairs would be under way across West Michigan, but like so many things, those to have been canceled. But there’s a bigger impact that is having on kids, who are apart of 4H. Maybe you were apart of 4H growing up, or your kids are, maybe you know nothing about it, but for the youth involved, it’s a lot of hard work. They spend countless hours working morning and night for over a year to train, feed and care for livestock to show and sell at 4H shows at the fair.

That’s why the Hudsonville Community Fair Board jumped into action. After official shows got canceled by Michigan State University, parents and the fair stepped up to provide an open youth show, but then the fair got canceled. To make matters worse, the food industry also began to struggle and so did the ability to find processing, leaving some animals with no where to go. That’s when the fair board came up with idea of an online auction, bringing back a little hope for these kids who worked so hard.

"It's important. They've had a project, they've worked on and it's a culmination of this whole project. It's not just about the money, but something that they've worked towards and the end goal is to have an animal that that they're ready to sell and market. The kids use this for college, my kids used it for helping with college expenses when they were in school, to be able to start another project next year. It's the culmination of the whole of the whole project,” said Hudsonville Community Fair Board President, Lonnie Vis.

The auction is being done through Miedema’s Charity Auctions and will run through next Thursday. To check it out, click here