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Little Feet keeping babies & toddlers on the go and learning

Little Feet Movement in Grand Rapids combining dance and brain development to teach kids
Posted at 9:24 AM, Mar 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-10 09:58:55-05

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Babies and toddlers are always on the go and now there’s a West Michigan program helping grow our kid's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development through movement. Little Feet Movement uses a curriculum combining dance and brain development helping kids set a solid foundation and learn to tackle their surroundings and take on the outside world confidently.

"80% of our brain is dedicated to sensory processing. So the more opportunities we provide our kiddos, you know, giving them movement opportunities, taking them out and experiencing the world, that's gonna give them lots of opportunities to take in all the sensory stimulation, and process it, organize it and figure out how to respond to this," said Regina Lum-Witkoske, owner and instructor of Little Feet.

Each class is unique having some similar elements but then focuses on different movements each week dialing into a new development skill. Learning how to control their bodies and minds the kids gain the confidence to trust their bodies and thrive. The parents also learn how to best teach their kids and empower them to take these skills home after class.

"Her listening skills, paying attention focusing. And then following instructions. Yeah, it gets better each and every week," said, Mariah Andresiak, GR Mom.

The knowledge behind the movements provides babies and toddlers with more sensory opportunists to connect to more and more neuro systems.

"So it's beautiful to watch the parents blossom, not just the kiddos, but the parents come out of the shell too," said Lum-Witkoske.

Little feet classes also help the parents grow with their children and give them a community to not feel so alone.

"Being a new mom, mental health, just a meeting with other moms and talking, getting some good movement and confidence really first age in just kind of learning his balance and getting ready for walking," said Wren Bleisch, a Rockford mom

A fun hour every week connecting parents and children all while enhancing that crucial early childhood development. Little Feet spring class registration is now open for this upcoming April and May.