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Warning about buying from Facebook & Instagram ads as shipping delays continue

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Posted at 7:08 AM, Jan 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-12 07:08:20-05

It's now mid-January, but people everywhere are complaining about some gifts that still have not arrived, and this time it has nothing to do with the post office.

Emily Overton loves her French bulldog, Pattycake. She wanted to surprise her young son on Christmas morning with a picture of Pattycake on a pillow.

"You know when you start talking about things, and they all of a sudden pop up on your Facebook feed," she said.

She saw an ad for The Pet Pillow and placed an order about a month before Christmas. Three weeks later, she emailed the company. "I think it was Dec. 20 when they responded to me and said it was shipped," she said.

order 2.jpg

But her pillow was on the other side of the globe. She said the tracking number showed it was in China somewhere.

An online search turned up dozens of complaints, people with the same issues who never received their items.

This is becoming a common complaint from people waiting for deliveries from a Facebook or Instagram ad.

Many of these sellers are based in China and shipping from there can take months.

Follow these steps before you order to protect yourself:

  • Check a company's location
  • Read online reviews

The Pet Pillow is legitimate, but it's based in Hong Kong, according to its website.

We found a similar company that makes pet pillows that does not list any address, but a top payment option is a Vietnamese currency, suggesting your pillow may have a long ride.