Michigan AG's office warns of fake 'mask exemption' cards

Michigan AG's office warns of fake 'mask exemption' cards
Posted at 12:50 PM, Jul 13, 2020

Michigan Attorney Dana Nessel and the Better Business Bureau have issued a warning to Michiganders about fake cards claiming someone is exempt from wearing face masks.

The AG's office said groups like the Freedom to Breathe Agency have made fake cards to give to residents to bypass health and safety measures.

The group's Facebook page and website aren't active, but they were offering a downloadable PDF of the exemption cards. Some have logos of the Department of Justice.

“These groups are trying to spread misinformation about the use of face coverings, and the unfortunate outcome is that they are also endangering the lives of many people,” Nessel said. “Business owners should understand that these face mask exempt cards are fake, and people should continue to wear face coverings unless the individual is unable medically to tolerate one.”

“This group, along with others, are attempting to pass themselves off as government agencies and are using fear as their tactic to get businesses to comply with their demands,” said Melanie Duquesnel, President and CEO of Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Michigan & the Upper Peninsula. “We all need to be doing our part by wearing a mask in public unless one is, truthfully, medically unable to do so.”

Face coverings became mandatory in all indoor public spaces and crowded outdoor public spaces on Monday after an order from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.