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Rockford Construction is tutoring students related to staff

School House Rock launches to help students
Posted at 8:05 AM, Apr 25, 2020

ROCKFORD — Rockford Construction created an online portal called School House Rock for staff with children to get connected with a tutor who is also part of the company's community.

Jennifer Boezwinkle, Executive V.P. for Rockford Construction says it's a private space for their 300+ staff to help their children during this difficult time. The company uses zoom to connect adults proficient in academic subjects to help staffer's students succeed academically.

"What we really found is they (staff) hit rock bottom when they found that schools were going to remain closed for the remainder of the year, and that parents were going to have to teach their own students," Boezwinlkle said. "we created a system, School House Rock, that relies on other people within our company."

The company is using Zoom to make it all happen, finding employees or family members of staff proficient in subjects like Algebra or Chemisty, to provide personalized tutoring.

"It`s been a great way to alleviate some of that stress for our team members to help educate kids during this difficult time," Boezwinkle.

Unfortunately, the portal is only for Rockford Construction employees and their families but boezwinkle says she's willing to help other companies build a similar system.