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Michigan DNR: Gather red pine cones in exchange for cash this September

Posted at 3:39 PM, Aug 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-18 15:39:08-04

MICHIGAN — The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is notifying residents of an opportunity to explore the great outdoors and earn a little extra money in the meanwhile.

For the entire month of September, Michiganders can pick red pine cones and leave them with the DNR by making an appointment here, according to state officials.

We’re told a bushel of red pine cones sells for $75.

The DNR says pine cones are found in downed trees, squirrel caches and in state forests. They advise picking red pine cones from living trees whose branches reach near the ground.

Don’t forget to register as a vendor so you can receive cash when dropping off pine cones.

The DNR offered a few tips for potential foragers. They say red pine cones have reddish bark with four- to six-inch-long needles, stressing other species of pine cones will not be accepted. Pine cones found on the ground may be too old or wet, and will not be accepted. Cones that have turned brown with opened scales are considered “too far gone.”

The DNR says they will provide onion bags to store pine cones, adding burlap and plastic bags may ruin pine cones with trapped moisture.

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