Bo Schembechler's son addresses abuse by Anderson and what his father knew

Bo Schembechler
Posted at 2:34 PM, Jun 09, 2021

(WXYZ) — Three different men, including the son of Bo Schembechler, detailed the sexual assault they went through by Dr. Robert Anderson, and alleged Bo knew about the assault.

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Matt Schembechler, David Kwiatkowski and Gilavnni Johnson all said that Anderson assaulted them.

Kwiatkowski and Johnson said it happened while they were members of the football team, and Matt said it happened when he was just 10 years old, within a year of when Bo was hired by the school.

During the press conference, Matt said Anderson's abuse was the worst-kept secret at the university, and everything was done to protect the university's reputation and Bo's reputation.

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According to Kwiatkowski, Anderson assaulted him during a freshman physical, and when he told Bo about it, Bo allegedly told him to "toughen up."

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"Bo didn't keep me safe," he said.

Johnson broke down in tears while talking about the assault, and also said that Bo knew everything that was going on at the Michigan campus.

He said he was sexually assaulted during a physical, and also alleged that coaches would threaten players to see Anderson if they weren't working hard enough, and players also called him "Dr. Anus."

According to Matt, he is speaking out now because he doesn't want this to happen again.

"Dr. Anderson caused a lot of problems for my family, and it never healed," Matt said.