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West Michigan spends holiday weekend in Grand Haven

Posted at 10:59 PM, May 23, 2020

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — Memorial Day Weekend looks different this year for people in West Michigan.

Many celebrations are canceled and shops and restaurants are still closed due to the stay at home order.

However, one thing people can do is head to the beach and take advantage of Lake Michigan. Under the order, visiting state parks and other outdoor recreation, like boating, is allowed.

Hundreds flocked to Grand Haven for the beach, trails, and boats.

“People seem to be in a good mood, enjoying the weather,” said Gene Gamet. “I don’t see people huddling together too much.”

Gamet lives in Spring Lake and spent his time in the water and on the sand.

“I have been out paddle boarding and walking the beach,” said Gamet.

He usually cooks out with his family in Lansing, but says this is a good alternative.

“Gives you a break from being inside or being at your house, being out just to relax and see the water,” said Gamet.

For Joan Vlasky and her family, the holiday looks different too. They are dinner in their car by the beach and tried to maintain their distance from others.

Vlasky says from her observations, people are respecting CDC guidelines.

“I think everybody’s been in so much they need to get out, for your own sanity,” said Vlasky.

Katelynn and Nicklaus Keen own On the Line Charter in Grand Haven.

Their business is exempt from the order, but it comes with a few restrictions.

“Things are a little but different than it normally is on here,” said Katelynn.

“We gotta provide masks, hand sanitizer, wipes, were cleaning the boat after every trip, just so people feel safe,” said Nicklaus.

The couple says business is slower than past Memorial Day Weekends but they believe it’ll pick up over the summer.

“People are pretty lenient,” said Nicklaus. “They understand too.”