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VC Variety uncovers rare treasure in West Michigan

1836 British Sovereign Gold Coin
Posted at 5:28 PM, Mar 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-04 17:43:00-05

WEST MICHIGAN — Michigan's history dates back centuries, even before it officially joined the union in 1837. What has been discovered already is widely available to see and read about, but some of it is still yet to be uncovered. This is what gets VC Variety up in the morning, just waiting for that next piece of historical treasure to be discovered.

Chandler Bos and his crew have been going strong for years now, using metal detectors to uncover bits of history. It is a hobby that can be tedious, but very rewarding. Before they can go anywhere, extensive research must be done to make sure their time is not wasted. They also do not go places they are not allowed to be at. Once they find the perfect spot and get permission, the possibilities are endless.

VC Variety Haul

The research that goes into finding the perfect spots include comparing modern day maps to maps from the 19th and 20th centuries. The older maps are provided to them through the city or county they are going to be looking in. If an important building from the past is no longer where it once stood, it is an area they may want to explore. Even some past residential homes that may no longer be here today are on their list. Once the group arrives, they make sure they get the lay of the land before they start searching. Chandler says it is about a 250 foot circular perimeter from where the building once stood that the majority of find are discovered.

The group has found plenty of small pieces through their times that they cherish, including a Seated Liberty Half Dime and a Flying Eagle Cent. However, nothing compares to what they uncovered this past spring.

"When I dug it out of the hole, I just kind of saw the gold edge of the coin." Chandler said. "They thought I had silver. I opened up the dirt and I was like that's a gold coin." A 1836 British Sovereign Gold Coin to be specific, which around here is an extremely rare find. "We thought, what's an 1836 British gold coin doing in Jamestown? I talked to a couple people from the United Kingdom and they said those are rare over there."

1837 British Gold Coin

After the find, the group made sure to do some more research on the coin. If they were to sell the coin today, the amount they could pocket for it is between 2,700 & 5,200 Euros. The would be about 3,200 to 6,200 US Dollars. For now, the coin is going to stay with them and likely be passes down to their children one day. The find not only will keep them going for years to come, but also check off a rare box on the treasure hunter bucket list.

The group will continue their search in dozens of spots across the area in 2021, but they also have a special trip down in NC this weekend. They will have 24 hours down there on a special piece of land where they can do unlimited digging. If you would like to see more from them or what they discover on their next trip, you can find them on YouTube at VC Variety.