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Missing dog travels 200+ miles as strangers track his sightings

"Angus" has been missing from a home in Hamilton since the end of July
Posted at 5:09 PM, Oct 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-05 17:09:03-04

ALLENDALE, Mich. — A dog that has been missing since the end of July has hundreds of strangers now tracking his every sighting online, with one woman in particular making every effort to finally bring him home.

"Angus", a lovable Newfoundland who used to live at a house near Howard City, was recently re-homed to live with a woman in Hamilton.

“Didn't have him five minutes and the dog escaped,” said Mary Humphrey, a woman who has recently become quite acquainted with Angus, even though she has never met him in person.

“All I want out of this is him off the streets, and I want to get some hugs from him,” she told FOX 17.

Humphrey has long followed missing pet Facebook groups, trying to locate animals that might be in her area. When she saw a post about Angus, she felt he needed her help.

"I kind of felt like, who has this poor dogs back… the lady he was re-homed to doesn't because she's gonna give him back anyways,” she said.

And so she became the missing dog's guardian angel of sorts. If only he knew, this angel comes bearing a pair of rotisserie chickens.

Humphrey packed her SUV up with dog treats, blankets, a leash, those rotisserie chickens and a Newfoundland-sized live trap.

"My goal is to get a sighting and have him staying in a certain area, then we can put food going to the trap," she said.

Her and others have posted hundreds of fliers across several counties. Those fliers have lead to multiple sightings, many of them caught on video.

They tracked Angus from Hamilton east towards Wayland, where Humphrey herself saw the dog laying in a road.

She said he “stood up and looked at me and it was Angus. I could not believe it.”

Soon after that he was hit by a car on M-40. "So, he had a limp. He was dragging his leash,” Humphrey said.

Angus was caught on multiple Ring doorbell cameras as he went north towards Saranac and then west through Grand Rapids.

“He tends to travel during the night and rest during the day, so I thought the only way I'm gonna find him again is travel the roads at night,” Humphrey said.

When he made it to Allendale, he was caught on camera several times.

"You can definitely see the limp. He's got the black head with the peppered body and a big blotch of black on his right hip," Humphrey said.

"So it's pretty undeniable that it's him."

Mary always following closely behind the latest sighting.

"He's gathered a huge audience, but it's just so hard when he constantly moves,” she said.

“He so deserves to be happy. He doesn't deserve to be on the street.”

If you see Angus, Mary says you should not approach, call his name or even look him directly in the face. He is known to run away when people get close. You are asked to call (616) 813-5087.