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Allendale Township supervisor says Ryan Kelley will stay in his position despite calls for removal

Posted at 10:57 PM, Oct 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-12 22:57:11-04

ALLENDALE, Mich. — The Allendale Township supervisor says Ryan Kelley will not be removed from his position on the township’s planning commission despite calls to do so by community members and local organizations.

Kelley has been under scrutiny for his supposed relationship with a militia member charged last week in connection to an alleged plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer.

In an interview with FOX17 Saturday, Kelley admitted he briefly met William Null, and possibly his brother Michael, at a rally in Allendale earlier this year, but says the relationship never extended beyond that setting.

“There were a lot of allegations that came up in public comment this evening,” said Adam Elenbaas. “One of the things that was request by the board, was that if there merit to those, if there’s something that can be tied to, you know specifically, not just hearsay, but if there’s something specific, I’m very interested in seeing those.”

When asked to respond to community members concerned about one of the 13 men charged being in Allendale in June, Elenbaas said there is no reason to believe anyone is in danger.

“Yes there was somebody alleged in a crime against the governor that was physically on our property back in June, [but] that’s the extent.”

Tensions rose at points during Monday’s board meeting. Most of the people in attendance called for Kelley’s removal, but two people spoke in support of him.

“I’m asking that the board hold up its idea of inclusion in our community,” said one speaker. “Remove Ryan Kelley and his dangerous propaganda from the planning board.”

“Ryan Kelley is a true patriot,” said another speaker. “He stands for what America was and what it should be.”

“He’s implicit in fostering a dangerous mentality,” said a speaker. “I think that’s very dangerous for this community and every other community.”

Kelley declined to comment about Monday's meeting to FOX17.