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UPDATE: MSP gifts Hesperia girl battling cancer with new whip

Posted at 9:12 AM, Jan 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-02 22:28:41-05

HESPERIA, Mich. — If you were in Hesperia on Wednesday, you might have seen or heard a lot of police activity. It wasn’t a cause for concern this time, it was Michigan State Police bringing joy to one special little girl.

Aubree Hamilton, 5, was diagnosed with stage-3 kidney cancer this month and she already underwent surgery to remove the kidney and her first round of chemo.

Despite that and nightly treatments to stimulate bone marrow growth Aubree still hasn't slowed down. Aubree's mom Bryanna says they are trying to look on the bright side of things, like a wig from Halo Wigs made of Aubree's own hair from when chemo makes hers fall out.

“It'll be her own hair that she can wear,” said Bryanna. “So, she got her hair cut last leave last Monday and then later on that night she got to cut all of the men's hair and our family.”

Or a visit from Oceana Sheriff's Deputies where they gave her the first patch in her now growing collection.

"And she was super excited about the police patch,” said Bryanna. “So I decided to make a Facebook post asking, you know if anybody could get their hands on a police patch if they can send it to Aubree"

One little request on Facebook cascaded into little Aubree receiving patches from all over the world.

"I mean, many badges. People from Australia that are sending police patches from over there,” Bryanna said. “Yesterday we got one from California, so we had a Detective down in Walker sent his whole... police patch collection that he's been collecting for 30 years."

Then Bryanna was contacted by the Michigan State police Rockford post. They asked if they could bring patches to Aubree. When MSP showed up at her door, Aubree was hesitant at first; but that didn't last long. Aubree climbed into the driver's seat of the cruisers while troopers ran the lights and sirens.

And while they try to focus on the positive, the Hamilton family is bracing for some big bills in the future. Their insurance company sent them a letter Wednesday saying Aubree's chemo treatments are not covered.

"So and we just found out today we got a letter in the mail stating that her chemo isn't covered because it's a clinical study,” said Brianna. “But it's the only treatment that will protect her that they give medications to protect her one kidney and her heart because some of the chemo meds can damage both of those."

Doctors say the type of cancer Aubree has is curable if treated.

The family has set up a page for donations on Facebook to help off set the medical bills and help support the family while she goes through treatment. Aubree is also still collecting patches.

You can follow Aubree's story by clicking here. If you would like to help, click here.