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Kent County commissioners discuss threats made against health director

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Posted at 11:54 AM, Sep 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-23 12:27:39-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Kent County commissioners held their first meeting since it became public knowledge that county health director Adam London sent them a letter detailing threats he received over the mask mandate on Tuesday morning.

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Several board members addressed Dr. London's concerns, the public response to them, and whether they agreed with his decision on masks or not.

Board members said while threats can be part of public service, they should not be tolerated.

“I want to pledge to him and to our board that we will do everything we can to find the people that are threatening his life and his family, his family's lives, we cannot let that go. I want the subcommittee to look into all those threats. I want to obtain the 911 calls, the police reports, I needed to know all the jurisdictions where these things happen, then we need to go get to work on this," said Kent County Commissioner Tom Antor.

Antor also said this week he and his wife have received threatening calls from as far away as Seattle.

Several members of the board said it's important to listen to constituents, but threats should not be tolerated.

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