Cedar Springs company shifts operation to make personal protection equipment

Posted at 8:52 PM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-19 20:05:55-04

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. — A West Michigan company has shifted its normal production to make Personal Protection Equipment.

Display Pack in Cedar Springs usually makes food packaging, but now they're making face shields for our health care workers on the front line.

The company already had a lot of the products they needed so it was an easy change.

Work started Thursday and by the end of Friday company officials say they should have about 10,00 face shields made.

Starting next week, the company hopes to make up to 30,000 face shields a day.

"We're actually busier than normal, right now, with everything going on, the shelves are getting cleared," said Ken Schauss, Director of Sales and Marketing at Display Pack. "We're very busy but we saw this as an opportunity, my wife works in healthcare, we have a lot of folks whose spouses work in healthcare, so we knew there was a need out there and we knew we were in a position to help," he said.

Display Pack is working with a distribution company to get these in the hands of those who need them. We're told they'll be going to places like Metro Health and local nursing homes.