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3M to pay Wolverine $55M in PFAS lawsuit settlement

Posted at 6:02 PM, Feb 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-21 09:54:26-05

ROCKFORD, Mich. — Wolverine Worldwide has reached a $55 million settlement with 3M in a lawsuit over PFAS contamination.

Wolverine filed the federal lawsuit in December, claiming it followed 3M’s instructions on disposing of waste created by using Scotchgard, a substance containing PFAS that contaminated groundwater. The lawsuit accused 3M of knowing the chemicals used in Scotchgard posed environmental and health risks.

On Thursday, Wolverine announced 3M would pay a lump sum of $55 million, which will go towards the $113 million the company has spent on environmental investigation and remediation costs.

A U.S. judge approved a settlement between Wolverine and the State of Michigan on Wednesday includes $69.5 million towards the extension of municipal water to the townships as well as additional environmental and remediation costs. The company will have to pay to extend municipal water to around 1,000 homes in Plainfield and Algoma townships, maintain water filters and continue to sample residential wells for PFAS, among other things.

“We are pleased the Court has approved this Consent Decree that provides a structure for our work to continue, and also pleased that 3M is contributing towards our efforts,” Wolverine CEO and President Blake Krueger said in a statement.