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Parents of convicted murderer sentenced to just weeks in jail

Parents of Ashley Young say they have lost faith in the legal system following the lenient sentence
Posted at 4:36 PM, Jun 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-05 17:25:02-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The family of murder victim Ashley Young is devastated after the parents of the man convicted in her murder were sentenced to just weeks in jail for helping in a cover up.

Jared Chance received a sentence of 100 to 200 years in prison for the murder of Ashley Young. "I believe you are evil," Judge Mark Trusock said before handing down the sentence last October.

Friday Chance's parents were sentenced for helping their son dispose of items related to the murder. Investigators say a bloody saw was found under a couch in the couple's home.

James Chance was sentenced to just 30 days in jail Friday, while Barbara Chance received 45 days. They will both have to serve a year on home-bound probation once they get out of jail as well.

FOX 17 spoke to Ashley Young's family Friday to get their reaction to the lenient sentences.

“My daughter isn’t home. I'm still waiting. We’re still looking for the rest of her because of things they choose to do," said Ashley's mom, Kristine Young.

Investigators say a bloody hand saw was found under a couch in the parent's home.

Dana Nelson, Ashley's step-mom told FOX 17, “If you help or know what happened, a crime, and you don’t do anything about it, you're just as guilty as Jared. Just as guilty as the person who committed it.”

Police said during Jared's trial that his parents drove around with him, disposing of pieces of Ashley's body.

“To this day, we still don’t have her neck, we don’t have her head, we don’t have her hands and we don’t have her feet,” Nelson said.

James Chance was a police officer in Rock Island, Illinois, for over 20 years. He retired in 1989.

Ken Young, Ashley's uncle, said Friday, "A detective knows what body parts you have to have to solve the crime. All of a sudden all these parts are missing, never been recovered. Their son is too stupid to know.”

Ken Young is a police officer as well. He says James Chance is a disgrace to good police officers everywhere.

Now, Ashley's family just hopes there's somebody out there who can help bring the rest of Ashley home to rest.

“When you are out this summer and you are on the water or you are hiking and you see something suspicious, please investigate. That could be Ashley’s remains," Kristine said. “I know she’s out there and she needs to come home.”