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Additional calls from NAACP for GRPD to fire officer who killed Patrick Lyoya

Posted at 10:01 PM, Apr 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-26 22:01:32-04

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — There are additional calls from the local NAACP for the Grand Rapids Police Department to fire the officer who killed Patrick Lyoya.

They're asking the police chief to strip Christopher Schurr of all policing certifications so he can no longer serve in the state. The local NAACP is asking Kent County Prosecutor Chris Becker to recuse himself from the case and say the Michigan Attorney General's Office needs to step in immediately.

"The fight for an unbiased, a fair investigation and review of the officer involved shooting a Patrick Lyoya," Great Grand Rapids President Cle Jackson said.

The NAACP held a press conference right at the Kent County prosecutor's doorstep Tuesday afternoon.

"We are demanding that Kent County prosecutor Chris Becker recuse himself from this investigation," Jackson said.

That demand comes one day after the name of the officer who shot and killed Patrick Lyoya was publicly released

The NAACP accused prosecutor Chris Becker of having too many conflicts of interests to do a fair investigation and called for the Michigan Attorney General's Office to take over.

"She has full jurisdiction. She has full legality again, Attorney General Dana Nestle, and she needs to lead," Jackson said.

During Tuesday’s press conference Becker sent us this statement:

"The Kent County Prosecutor's Office must recuse itself from a case if there is "a conflict of interest." MCL 49.160. A conflict of interest exists where the prosecutor has a prior attorney-client relationship with the person, or where the prosecutor has a personal interest (financial or emotional) in the litigation, or has some personal relationship (kinship, friendship, or animosity) with the accused or other party. People v Doyle, 159 Mich App 632, 641 (1987). Because I do not know Officer Christopher Schurr, nor did I know Patrick Lyoya, the legal standard for recusal has not been met. I will continue to follow the law regarding this investigation, and I will wait for the report from the Michigan State Police to review the case in light of the law and the facts."

Not longer after that, Dana Nessel's office also sent us this statement:

"It is my expectation that the Grand Rapids Police Department will fully cooperate with the Michigan State Police in their investigation and that the local prosecutor will perform a thorough analysis of the facts and law that apply in this case. Normal protocol dictates the case is delivered to the local prosecutor. I stand ready to accept a referral of the case, should the Kent County Prosecutor determine the expertise of my department is warranted."

As the investigation into the April 4th shooting continues, the NAACP is also asking Chief Eric Winstrom to take further steps against officer Christopher Schurr, who is on paid administrative leave and currently stripped of policing duties for GRPD.

"He needs to be terminated in the decertification process needs to start immediately. He does never need to have an opportunity to be an officer of the law in the state of Michigan. Period," Jackson said.

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