Hartford siblings die of COVID-19 just one week apart

Adelita & Daniel Cruz Trevino - Hartford Siblings
Posted at 5:25 PM, Dec 16, 2020

HARTFORD, Mich. — Siblings in Hartford, Michigan died of COVID-19 just one week apart.

Now, their family is speaking out to share more memories of their loves ones and to remind people about the severity of the virus.

"People don’t understand, they just think 'oh it’s COVID, it’s like the flu or whatever’. No, it is life changing. This is more than just the flu. This is more than the common cold. This is destroying families," said Jesusa Vela, the sister of the two Hartford siblings who died from COVID-19.

Family members said Nick and Lita were buddies.

Both single parents, they did everything together. When they ended up in the hospital for COVID, the family said they didn't think this is how it would end.

"It’s rough, very rough. It’s devastating. It is sad. People need to know that this is serious," said Gilberto Trevino, the father of the two Hartford siblings who died from COVID-19.

The family feeling the pain of COVID-19 times two.

Siblings Nicolas and Adelita Cruz Trevino, both in their thirties, died from the virus just a week apart. Lita passed on November 29 and Nick passed on December 6.

"They just loved life. When Nick and Lita were together, they were the life of the party. They were always laughing and you know, joking around," said Vela.

Lita and Nick ended up in the hopsital immediately after attending a funeral in California. Their sister Jesusa was also admitted but was sent home after two weeks.

"You don’t want to think that something bad like that is going to happen, because you’re going through the same thing," said Vela.

"One minute they are okay, you are talking to them through FaceTime, and then the next minute you FaceTime them, they are hooked up to seven different machines with tubes going down their bodies. That is the last imagine you are going to have of your loved ones, said Daniel Trevino, the brother of the two Hartford siblings who died from COVID-19.

The family said although that is what they remember, they are trying to hold onto the good memories.

"Nick was a goof ball man. He loved life. He just loved his family. He loved grilling and having a good time," said Daniel Trevino.

"She was a goofball too. She loved her kids. Her son plays football. She never missed a game," said Vela.

Combined, the two leave behind 11 children ranging from ages nine to 23.

Now, the family is asking for everyone to step up and play their part in preventing the spread, even if you don't think it will affect you.

"Our family was unfortunate to lose two family members. There are a lot of people who are losing family members. Some people just get sick for a couple of days and then get better you know, but it hits everybody differently. This is very much real," said Vela.

All of the kids will be taken care of by family members, but they do need assistance with bills, household items and groceries.

The family set up a GoFundMe to help. If you'd like to donate, click here.