Faygo launches new 'Firework' flavor to celebrate summer fun

Posted at 10:34 AM, Jun 07, 2021

(WXYZ) — Faygo is launching a new flavor to celebrate the return of summer fun.

Faygo Firework has an "explosive taste" that satisfies thirst and evokes warm weather vibes, the company says.

The flavor is described as the "perfect combination of fruity and sweet" with flavors of cherry, blue raspberry and lime.

The new flavor is rolling out this summer in 24 oz bottles throughout the Midwest and on Faygo’s online Pop Shop.

“For 114 years, Faygo has been an innovator in the pop world and we are very proud to add Firework to our distinctive line of over 50 flavors. Firework will be available for a limited time, and offers a completely new experience for Faygo fans,” said Al Chittaro, President of Faygo Beverages, in a press release.