25 years of legal experience has prepared Welch to run for Michigan's Supreme Court

Posted at 10:59 PM, Nov 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-01 23:00:29-05

MICHIGAN — Elizabeth Welch is currently an attorney in Grand Rapids, who is running in the upcoming election for a seat on the Michigan Supreme Court.

Welch has spent the last 25 years of her legal career making sure Michigan works for everyone, through her work with employment law practice, public school advocacy conservation leadership and election protection work.

If elected, Welch hopes to continue working on those projects, while also improving the court system.

"So there's two things going on one accessibility and the civil justice side, we know that 80% of what against don't parties don't have access to an attorney or even, they may not even come to court because they don't even know how to access the court system. And that's not good for democracy," Welch said. "We want people to have access to the courts to resolve disputes."

In terms of the court case denying Governor Whitmer's request to keep a pandemic-related executive order in place through October 30th, Welch didn't exactly give her opinion, but said cases like that are good examples of when judges need to be non-partisan.

"You know I think ideally we really want to try not to politicize the court," Welch said. "A good judge will have to make tough decisions that they may personally disagree with that their hands are tied."

You can find the Michigan Supreme Court nominees on the non-partisan section of the ballot.