Downtown Royal Oak's new social district allows outdoor drinking

Posted at 8:03 AM, Jul 16, 2021

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) — The Downtown Royal Oak Social District opens this weekend.

It allows participating businesses to sell alcohol drinks to-go. Beverages can be consumed within the commons area.

The social district will let people in bars or restaurants get alcoholic drinks in to-go cups that are marked and then walk around with drinks.

It will be located between Lincoln Avenue and 11 Mile Road, from S Lafayette Avenue to Knowles Street. The area bounded by Pingree Boulevard, N Main Street and E 11 Mile Road are also included.

The city says designated common areas are all streets and sidewalks within the social district, including designated parks and gathering spaces. District boundaries will be clearly marked with signs, indicating if people are leaving or entering.

More than 35 Downtown Royal Oak establishments, including restaurants and entertainment venues are within the social district zone.

Currently, participating businesses include Motor City Gas, Gusoline Alley, Rock on 3rd and Oak City Grille.

Guests visiting the City of Royal Oak Social District will be required to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Adult beverages can be ordered at any participating establishment, and will be served to them in a plastic, social district-specific cup.
  • Establishments are required to add a sticker of their logo, and the date of sale to each cup.
  • Only alcohol purchased from participating businesses can be consumed in the social district zone.
  • Each cup is for one-time use - guests will not be permitted to take a cup from one establishment into another.
  • Cups and adult beverages are not permitted in the Downtown Royal Oak parking lots or structures.
  • Two different styles of plastic cups will be provided to approved, licensed businesses: A 16 ounce white cup will be used for beer and a 10 ounce cup will be used for wine or liquor beverages.

“A big focus for us right now is the future of Downtown Royal Oak, which includes ways that we can effectively support local business and increase the economic growth of our vibrant downtown,” said Tim Thwing, director of community development for Royal Oak, in a press release. “The Royal Oak Social District is another way that patrons can experience and support many of their favorite establishments in Downtown Royal Oak.”

View a map of the social district below: