MI native locked down in Shanghai due to COVID restrictions

'We're in our homes, we can't leave'
Posted at 11:52 PM, Apr 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-10 23:53:42-04

(WXYZ) — Abraham Darwish has lived in China for years, working as a boxing coach and trainer. He loves his city of Shanghai and said if it weren't for the pandemic, he'd want to stay.

But continued lock-downs now have him dreaming of returning home to metro Detroit.

Abraham Darwish (right) works as a boxing trainer and coach in Shanghai

“It’s a tough situation for everyone. Cause we’re in our homes, we can’t leave," Darwish, who is from Dearborn, told Action News via Zoom.

On Sunday Shanghai reported more than 25,000 new COVID infections. The bulk of them, around 24,000 were asymptomatic, which China counts separately.

As a city, Shanghai doesn't stand out globally for high case counts, however China is now battling its worst outbreak of the virus since it first emerged in 2019 in Wuhan.

“With the huge population of China, even though the proportion is low, it could potentially overwhelm the healthcare facilities," said the World Health Organization's regional director of the western Pacific, Dr. Takeshi Kasai last week.

Officials in China are doing everything to stop the spread, including daily testing and strict lock-down orders.

The government's response in the country's most populous city has outraged many; videos of angry businesses owners and residents are now viral in China and abroad.

Darwish hasn't left his apartment in two weeks due to the city's lock-down

Darwish hasn't left his apartment in 10 days. He was last outside to get groceries. Now his meals are delivered to his door along with mandatory COVID test kits.

He too said there's concern over how long the city's lock-down can last, especially for families.

“I’m sure they’re getting their boxes but it’s not enough. Everyone has specific needs for food," he said. But he also said he believes the government in Shanghai is doing what it can to stop a massive outbreak.

Shanghai has now been under lock down since March 28, with no end in sight. This, as restrictions are easing here in Michigan.

“When I see that, I miss my family. I want to go back home," Darwish said.

He's currently exploring ways he can return to metro Detroit.