Michigan executive order doesn't ban purchases of child car seats

Posted at 2:15 PM, Apr 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-13 22:48:52-04

A post making its rounds on social media is giving misinformation about Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's extended stay-at-home order.

The post , which was retweeted on Twitter more than 4,000 times by Sunday afternoon, states that the executive order bans the purchase of child safety seats.

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"By order of the State of Michigan, items in this 'non-essential' area are not available for purchase," read the notice, which appeared to be posted in Walmart.

Twitter user @Tori_Sachs posted the noticed asking the governor for clarity saying, "This is dangerous and this order needs clarification immediately. #migov #mileg."

Whitmer's office told 7 Action News that the post is "ridiculous misinformation."

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"To be clear, the EO asks stores over 50K square feet to close down sections of their store to protect against unnecessary traffic, like garden centers, furniture, paint, carpet/flooring. Child car seats aren't in any of those categories," a spokesperson for the governor said in a statement.

The spokesperson points to the executive order for further clarity, which can be read in its entirety here .

7 Action News reached out to Walmart to inquire if the company was aware of the notice allegedly being posted at one of its Michigan stores.

"Michigan customers are able to purchase baby car seats, baby furniture and other infant products at their local Walmart," a Walmart Corporate spokesperson said. "We are reiterating this direction with store management to ensure consistent service to our customers across our Michigan stores. Customers are also welcome to purchase these items from the convenience of their home through"

In addition to the confusion, The View's Meghan McCain jumped in on the discussion on Facebook by resharing the original post and saying that it's good she doesn't live in Michigan.

"Guess it’s good I don’t live in Michigan - otherwise how would I transport my child home from the hospital @GovWhitmer?" McCain wrote on Twitter. "Are you going to ban cribs next? Being pregnant during this time is insanely stressful - we are all doing our best. Shame on you for doing this

Gov. Whitmer responded by providing a link to the executive order and reiterating that the order does not ban the purchasing of child safety seats.

Meghan then responded to Gov. Whitmer in a now deleted posting saying, "Are you claiming Walmart is lying?"


7 Action News' Brian Able then provided a bit more clarity by tagging Meghan in Walmart's response to our station.

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