Mechanics offer tips to keep your car running

Chuck's Auto Repair offers maintenance tips
Posted at 4:49 AM, Apr 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-17 07:41:10-04

GRAND RAPIDS — Chances are that our vehicles aren't getting as much use as they were about a month ago. Local mechanics want to make sure our vehicles aren't sitting for too long.

Right now, maintenance shops are only open for necessary repairs to keep our vehicles safe when we need them. Brakes, steering and turn signals all need to be working properly to prevent accidents.

However, if we're hoping to get in for basic maintenance like an oil change or tire rotation, Chuck Roberts, mechanic and owner of Chuck's Auto Repair said, while he appreciates the business, it's best not to risk anyone's health and just stay home.

Along with some basic maintenance we can do at home, Roberts suggested keeping your gas tank full in order to prevent moisture from building up in the gas tank.

Also, make sure to start your vehicle and run it for about five minutes every few days. A trip around the block will do just fine.

"The battery will eventually lose its charge, especially on the newer cars." Roberts warned. "They have computers that always have to have power. So, even just a small draw over a week will kill your battery. So, every couple days, start up and keep it running for five minutes. Try to keep everything functional, not just sitting there stagnant waiting to be bad."

While some of this might be pretty common sense for some, it's a helpful reminder to make sure we stay up on vehicle maintenance all the time, because we never know what kind of situation we pop up.