Grand Rapids company offers health screening app for free to West Michigan businesses

Posted at 8:28 PM, May 08, 2020

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — As construction companies in West Michigan return to work, one Grand Rapids business is helping them track the health of their employees and prevent possible COVID-19 exposures with a screening form they developed.

The service is free to any company allowed to reopen under Gov. Whitmer’s executive order.

“We just want to see people back to work,” said Doug Huyser, owner of Field-Tools.

Workers use their phones to activate a QR code on signs placed at the front of worksites then fill out a survey that asks three questions that follow CDC screening guidelines about possible coronavirus exposure, like if they’ve been in contact with an individual diagnosed or quarantined for the coronavirus in the past 14 days.

If yes is answered to any questions, a notification is sent to the site supervisor and the worker is asked to distance until further action can be taken.

The data is also saved meaning companies can notify if an exposure shows up later.

“It has to happen,” said Huyser.

Pioneer Construction is one of the local companies now using the technology.

“It’s so simple to use," said Christopher Kallemeyn, vice president of operations.

Kallemeyn says one of the requirements to reopen as part of Gov. Whitmer’s executive order was for companies to develop a daily screening that tracks the health of its workers and visitors.

“If you’re screening out the people that really shouldn’t be here, everybody else here doing the work, is in a much safer condition,” said Kallemeyn.

Kallemeyn describes the process so far as easy and workers stay home when they know they won’t be able to pass. He hopes their employees stay healthy, but says because of Field-Tool’s technology, pioneer is confident they can address any exposures quickly and safely.

“I think it gives them [employees] a sense of security, knowing that you know we care enough about their safety and the safety of their families to provide them with a safe environment for them to show up to work,” said Kallemeyn. “They don’t want to cram into a building with a bunch of other sick people.”

To download the app, click here.