Detroit mother battling COVID-19 gives birth to twins before being put on ventilator

Posted at 9:29 PM, Dec 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-01 21:29:50-05

Steven Logan could never have imagined his wife, Jasmine, would still be hospitalized two weeks after doctors at DMC Harper Hospital in Detroit delivered their second set of twins.

But COVID-19 was wreaking havoc on the 31-year-old's organs and the babies, Serenity and Steven Jr., had to be delivered a month early via C-section so doctors could treat their mother.

"They had to do a C-section so they could save Jasmine's life," Steven told 7 Action News. "They couldn't treat her properly with the babies in there without the risk of harming the children as well."

So in mid-November, two days after the newborns were delivered, Steven picked up their newborns to take them home while his wife remained hospitalized.

"This is my first son and I have another beautiful princess, however, I'm picking my kids up and I can't even see my wife," said Steven. "This is something we're supposed to be doing together."

"Since (the twins) tested negative, the hospital was actually a dangerous place for them to be," said Steven, who is a long haul truck driver who parked his rig and came off the road to care for their newborn twins."

"She did everything she could to hold on so our babies could be safe and strong," said Steven, who is also caring for their three older children.

Their six-year-old daughter and twin toddlers have also tested positive for COVID-19, but, thankfully, their symptoms, that have included a fever and loss of taste, have been relatively mild.

But Jasmine's condition deteriorated. She was put on a ventilator and began ECMO therapy which helps take the stress off of organs so a person can recover.

Steven is now trying to juggle what his wife make look so easy, and he's doing it while keeping the newborns away from their older siblings.

The couple had just purchased their first home and a new vehicle before Jasmine and their three children became sick.

Unable to work, Steven began a GoFundMe accountin hopes of raising money to help pay the bills and cover expenses until Jasmine is back home and he's able to get back on the road.

"I wish I could stick my chest out and say I have everything under control, but it's kinda crazy," he said. "Sometimes I sit down and read a book or watch TV with them and let them know everything going be okay because they know something is wrong - especially my six-year-old. She's been in pieces."

Tuesday afternoon, the doctors called with good news. Jasmine is off the ventilator and she's regaining consciousness. And Steven said they will continue to rejoice and praise God because every ounce of improvement is a victory.