Bronson offers tips for safe holiday gatherings

Posted at 11:19 PM, Nov 12, 2020

KALAMAZOO, Mich. — In light of rising COVID-19 cases throughout Michigan, Bronson Healthcare wants to remind everyone to celebrate the holidays safely this year.

Bronson says you should not attend in-person events if you are a high-risk individual or if you are isolating for recent infection or exposure. If you intend to attend a family gathering, they ask to follow these steps:

  • Keep fewer than ten people in attendance.
  • Set the area to allow guests to remain six feet apart.
  • Wear masks except when eating.
  • Disinfect surfaces before and after the event.
  • Keep the event short if possible.
  • Request guests to avoid the public 14 days before and after the gathering.

“It is imperative we all take these extra steps,” says Richard Van Enk, Ph.D. “not only to protect ourselves and loved ones, but avoid potentially large spikes in December and January.”