7-year-old girl dreams up face mask for the Tooth Fairy

"The tooth fairy is just kind of a human with wings... so can’t she get the coronavirus?," said 7-year-old Evolette Westhouse
Posted at 4:37 PM, May 19, 2020

HOLLAND, Mich. — A 7-year-old girl on the lakeshore came up with the idea to have her mom create a face mask for the tooth fairy after losing a tooth a few weeks ago.

Evolette Westhouse has been helping her mom Kayla put together face masks for family and neighbors for the past few weeks. It is her job to run a pipe cleaner through the top part of the mask to create a flexible seal around the nose.

Several weeks ago, Evolette got her tooth knocked loose while playing with her 2-year-old cousin in a hammock.

"She kicked me in the face while she was in the hammock and that just got it going," Evolette told FOX 17 Tuesday. “And then I grabbed it and yanked on it. It took about 3 yanks to get it out.”

Because of all the recent discussions about germs and staying safe she has been exposed to, Evolette had an idea for her mother.

Her mom Kayla said, “She came up to me and said mom will you please make me a mask for the tooth fairy, and I said I don’t think the tooth fairy can get coronavirus and Evolette said, we don’t know that.”

Kayla says that Evolette refused to put her tooth under her pillow the night she lost it. Her mom stayed up that night making a tiny mask.

“I may have cut my fingers a few times, because it was so small and so then the next day we woke up and I had the mask ready. evolette wrote her note to the tooth fairy and that night we put it under the pillow.”

The next night they left the tooth under her pillow, and the next morning it was gone.

“She left me one whole dollar!," Evolette told FOX 17 with a smile.

It is about the 8th tooth the 7-year-old has lost.

“The tooth fairy is just kind of a human with wings, a tiny little pixie human with wings, so can’t she get the coronavirus?," Evolette asked.

Kayla says she is glad that her daughter is responding well to all the recent conversations that come with a worldwide pandemic.

“It was nice to hear she was listening to those things and understand those and have enough mindset to say, hey I better make one for the tooth fairy, she’s going to get pretty close," Kayla said.