'Bring our children home.' Families of missing Michigan teens, Gloria Alvarado and Marissa Peters, plead for help from community

Posted at 4:14 PM, Nov 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-25 16:14:32-05

The families of two missing teenage girls chanted "bring our children home" outside of Taylor City Hall Wednesday morning at a press conference.

The cases may be separate but there is pain shared between the two families who are missing their loved ones.

Marissa Peters, 14, has been missing since May. Her mother, Marybeth, spoke at the news conference Wednesday morning.

“Marissa, if you are listening or watching, please come home,” her mother pleaded.

She said the last time she talked to her was in September when her daughter told her she had been tied up in an abandoned building with another girl.

"The pain in her voice was screaming for help," Marissa's mother said. A reward is being offered to help bring Marissa home safe.

Gloria Maria Alvarado, 15, has been missing from Taylor since Sunday, Nov. 1.

Her mother, Tina, discovered her disappearance when she went to wake her up for school the next day. The bedroom window was open, the screen had been cut and Gloria’s cell phone had been left behind.

“We miss our daughter dearly, we have gotten no tips whatsoever on our daughter,” said Tina, Gloria’s mother.

Tina said her daughter vanished "out of thin air." She said she is barely functioning but trying to stay strong for her.

"I feel that she's in danger, and that's why I send her my strength every day," said Tina.

If you have any information regarding Gloria or Marissa, please call 1-877-507-7774 ext 708#. Volunteers can also call that number to provide assistance in the search for both teens.