Bloomfield Hills high student files federal lawsuit alleging racial discrimination at school

Posted at 11:01 PM, Nov 19, 2021

(WXYZ) — A Black student at Bloomfield Hills High School and her parents have filed a federal lawsuit against the district after a series of racist incidents at the school over the past week.

According to the lawsuit, the student and her parents allege the district and the school "fails to provide African American students and their parents with a safe, healthy, and non-discriminatory learning and general environment."

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The student and her parents also allege that for 14 months, the student has been subjected to threats, harassment, intimidation and more directed at her and her parents.

The lawsuit lists several incidents that have happened to the student.

In one instance this month, they say a Black doll with red lips was hung by a hanging noose over the banister of the second floor, which was captured on video.

The teen also alleges that she hears white students use the N-word in the hallway and has reported it to the principal, guidance counselor and superintendent, and said no action was taken.

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According to the suit, the parents and teen allege that the district also treats Black parents differently and "often ignores complaints from parents of African American or bi-racial students."

Over the past week, parents at the school have asked for immediate changes after several racist incidents.

Parents say they are fed up with the board's response to hate crimes taking place at Bloomfield Hills High School.

“There is no concern for the safety of Black children at Bloomfield Hills High School,” a parents said.

Last Friday, students walked out of school to protest after a series of recent racists events including racial slur and graffiti found on the bathroom wall.

This week on Wednesday, more racist graffiti was found in the same bathroom as the previous incident, but this time on the toilet paper dispenser.

The school says the police department is investigating the incident.