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Weird & Hilarious Holiday Gifts Ideas

Posted at 11:04 AM, Dec 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-09 10:37:30-05

There's still some time to shop online and get holiday gifts for your friends and family, but if you're looking for more "white elephant" type gifts, here are some of the weird (and maybe useful) items we found online that'd make fun gifts!

Jingle Rolls

Wrapping paper is number one around the holidays, but what type of paper do you need as your number one and number two every other day of the year? Toilet paper!

BimBamBoo Paper created Jingle Rolls! You just open up the holiday-themed box, and you're greeted with a chorus of a toilet paper choir.


Do you have a strong desire to take a bubble bath, but don't have a tub nearby? Relax anytime, anywhere with the Tubble!

The Tubble makes it possible to bathe in pretty much any environment or create your own personal hot tub in the great outdoors. As a bonus: it comes with an inflatable headrest and cup holder.


Are you sick of the hassle of how long it takes to brush your teeth with a one bristle toothbrush? Clean all your teeth in a fraction of the time with the 20bristle SymplBrush. Just put the brush on either the top or bottom section of your teeth, push a button, and the SymplBrush cleans your teeth completely, in 30 seconds. The website says this toothbrush will prevent you from brushing too much or too little, taking the human error out of teeth brushing and increasing your teeth health.

True Crime Sweater

Nothing screams holiday cheer like... murder? For the "true crime" obsessed person in your life, they'll need this murder-themed ugly Christmas sweater to keep them warm while listening to a podcast about their favorite cold cases.

Mobile Pillow with Smartphone Holder

If it's too much effort to hold your phone while browsing the latest memes, get this mobile pillow with a smartphone holder. It acts just like a neck pillow, but it's long enough to extend around your neck and has a smartphone attachment to hold your device in front of your face while you relax, or have both hands free for snacking while you surf the web.

Bernie Sanders Christmas Ornament

Who could forget the beginning of 2021 where the first meme of the year was of good ol' Bernie Sanders and his wooly mittens? Keep that meme alive on your Christmas tree with this iconic Bernie Sanders Christmas ornament? Complete with colorful lights, the democratic socialist in your life will surely get a kick out of this.

Porto-Vino Wine Purse

For those who can't be without their special drink, the Porto-Vino Wine Purse is perfect for them! Now wine-o's can have a drink on hand wherever they go. There's a secret compartment and spigot on the bag, and it can hold up to two bottles of wine, so you're prepared for any social occasion.