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Ways parents can encourage language in toddlers

Posted at 10:45 AM, Sep 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-07 11:57:43-04

Toddlers communicate using words, gestures, and tone.

Courtney Joesel, a speech language pathologist at Building Blocks Therapy Services, share ways parents can encourage language in their toddlers.

One of the best ways to get toddlers to use their language skills is to do verbal routines. Verbal Routines are saying the same words in the same manner while doing the same activity. For example, when going down a slide, say "Ready, set, go!" when waiting to release the child down the slide.

Another routine to encourage language is to expand on the phrases the child already says. For instance, while playing cars if the kid says "Car, go!" encourage them to expand on that by saying something like "Car, go fast!"

Finally, narrate your day while spending time with the child. A great way to do this is talk about what you're doing during the morning routine saying things like "I'm looking for your shirt" or "I'm going to open the drawer to look for your favorite socks."

These simple methods can be used to provide many opportunities for vocabulary and exposure to build their skills.

To learn more about building children's communications skills, reach out to Building Blocks Therapy Services or call (616) 570-0925.

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