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What to expect on closing day when buying a house

Trusted Advisor: Eastbrook Homes
Posted at 10:38 AM, Aug 19, 2021

When purchasing a home, there are many steps to complete before it's considered yours. The final step, and often the most daunting, is closing.

Eastbrook Homes explains the process of closing a home after purchasing and steps to take to make sure everything is set up on moving day.

Closing a house is the final step of the home-buying process before someone can move in or take possession.
The home buyers will be going to the company or real estate office where they purchased the home, and sign different documents such as the mortgage and the deed. The closing is complete when all the required documents are signed.

When the housing market is hot and homes are on the market for less than a day, home buyers have to be flexible when it comes to scheduling and closing.

To prepare for closing day, check what utilities you need at least two weeks before closing. Common utilities are gas, electric, water, and sewer. Do research on what suppliers are available to provide services to your home.

Once the closing is approved, then ask questions to those providers about the monthly cost of those utilities, that way there are no surprises on how much money will be paid out on your home each month.

At Eastbrook Homes, they not only build the homes they sell, but they also provide different services to help home buyers close the deal quickly and efficiently.

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