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Taste of the Town: The Honey Creek Inn

Posted at 10:29 AM, Nov 04, 2021

There's a small West Michigan village where a moose dressed in clothing greets you as you drive in, and all the businesses match like an Americana greeting card. The Village of Cannonsburg is an experience everyone is West Michigan should visit, and the main place to go for a bit to eat and a good drink in in the center of it all, The Honey Creek Inn.

Walk through the doors of this pub and see pictures along the walls reflecting the history of Cannonsburg Village and the people who founded the community. So when people come to the Honey Creek Inn to grab a burger, fish fry, or a brew, there will be a story of village folklore to come soon after.

Historically known as Joyce’s Bar, it was owned by Joe and Mary Joyce who lived in the quarters above the bar. Joe was the son of one of the early Cannonsburg settlers, Wil and Aurelia Joyce, who owned the village general store.

In 1984, the bar was purchased by Don Kurylowicz. In between that time, the bar had changed names a couple time before becoming Honey Creek Inn.

Honey Creek Inn is located at 8205 Cannonsburg Road Northeast.

Check out their menu or order online by visiting their Facebook page.