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TalkSooner provides parents with free online resources to have "drug talk" with kids

Posted at 10:26 AM, Feb 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-16 10:26:37-05

While the pandemic has been the headline story for nearly a year, other issues, such as drug use among kids, are still around. When it comes to child drug abuse, communication between parents and kids is critical, but having the "drug talk" can be an uncomfortable topic to bring up.

Fortunately, organizations like TalkSooner provide free educational resources to help parents have the "drug talk" with their kids. TalkSooner partners with four West Michigan hospitals and health care entities- Spectrum Health, Cherry Health, Mercy Health, and Metro Heath University of Michigan Health- to help build healthier communities through the prevention of youth substance use.

Mental health issues among youth and teens have been compounded during the pandemic, leaving youth who are isolated and feeling alone even more vulnerable to experimentation with drugs. This could range anywhere from outdated prescription drugs in the medicine cabinet, to inventive ways youth use social media to locate drugs.

Research shows parents can play an important role in prevention through regular, ongoing conversations with their children, but parents sometimes don’t know when and how to start those informal conversations. TalkSooner, through its bilingual website and free app, guides parents every step of the way.

Parents aren’t expected to have all of the answers to the `"drug talk," which is what can often slow them down in trying to sort out when and how to have a conversation. TalkSooner provides parents with conversation starters on how to break the ice on the topic of drugs with their kids.

TalkSooner also offers the latest information on emerging drugs, insights from youth culture, effects of drug use, how to spot signs and symptoms of drug use, and many more online tools.

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