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TalkSooner explains how to show healthy drinking habits during the holidays around kids & teens

Posted at 10:53 AM, Dec 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-20 10:53:03-05

It's a season of celebration, and for many, that involves parties where alcohol is served. However, parents need to be mindful of what they're doing and saying in front of their children all the time, not just this time of year.

Heidi Denton, the Allegan County Prevention Services Supervisor with TalkSooner, answers the following questions:

Why is it important to model healthy drinking around kids?
Kids are going to drink anyway. They always have. Isn't it better to hold the party at my house, so my kids and their friends aren't out driving?
If the kids drink when I'm home, I can control what happens. Isn't that the best way to prevent teen injury?
The kids want me to share stories about when I was younger, how should I handle that?
We have family over a lot over the holidays how do you handle conversations with multiple age ranges, is it best to only talk to teenagers??

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