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Skincare routines optimal for traveling

Posted at 11:07 AM, Apr 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-13 11:09:00-04

Just because you go on your vacation, doesn't mean your skincare routine has to.

Edyta Satchell, America's travel wellness and beauty expert from Satchell Global Travel Wellness, shares tips to optimize your skincare routine while on vacation.

Create your own inflight beauty and youthfulness routine

It should include refreshing, re-hydrating, and calming your skin. It is essential for every red-eye flight. You should either put an extra layer of your favorite face cream before your flight or apply sheet mass during your flight (yes, on the plane). If you don’t like to do so, then you should at least wear an under-eye moisturizing patch as the low humidity on the plane will “suck you dry”!


It’s the name of acne caused due to wearing masks – steps to help to avoid: frequently change masks (one for each flight); refresh your face on the plane when you take your mask to eat food (toner, apply face cream, spray your face to moisturize and refresh); when you get home / hotel apply clay mask

Eat non-traditional foods for a natural ‘face lift’

You can contribute to the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry by buying yet another expensive product that doesn’t work or you can save some money and focus on long term results by “consuming” your beauty products, especially if you are on a budget such as: nuts and seeds, sea vegetables and algae, superfoods — few people realize that these foods support collagen production, remove heavy metals, repair cells and more.

Limit the intake of your favorite adult beverage on the plane

At 35,000 feet, the air pressure is lower on the plane. This impacts our ability to absorb oxygen, which is called hypoxia. The lower level of oxygen in your body makes you feel drunker in the air than if you consumed the same amount on the ground. It will also dehydrate you and worsen your skin condition. So, while high up in the sky drink a lot but only water and non-alcoholic, sugar free drinks. Your skin will reward you with a beautiful glow.

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