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Ready.Set.Food! works to protect babies from food allergies

Prevents food allergies as early as four-months-old.
Posted at 11:58 AM, Aug 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-27 14:06:57-04

Food allergies are on the rise, and most children diagnosed with one do not have a direct family member with a food allergy. But numerous recent studies have shown up to 80 percent of peanut, egg, and milk allergies can be prevented.

Ready.Set.Food! is an easy and safe way to help protect newborns against common food allergens by introducing and sustaining safe allergenic exposure to peanut, egg, and milk, starting as early as 4-months of age. Dr. Katie Marks-Cogan, co-creator of the product, talked to the Morning Mix to explain how it works, and why it's beneficial to start prevention early.

The first stage introduces a daily dose of Ready.Set.Food! into a bottle of breast milk, formula, or solid food. Each packet introduces one food at a time, following the medical guidelines of the USDA.

Then, Ready.Set.Food! introduces effective dosing, where protein levels are based on three landmark medical studies. Children will continue incorporating Ready.Set.Food into their diets until the baby is regularly eating these foods at least three times a week.

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