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Project 99; a list of ways people can support foster parents

Posted at 10:44 AM, Aug 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-10 10:44:17-04

Back-to-school season is approaching and it's uncertain for many and unusual for all, especially for those kids in foster care. The West Michigan Partnership for Children is here to help but needs support from the community by participating in Project 99.

Throughout August, WMPC is sharing 99 tangible ways that the West Michigan community can support foster families during this time.

Foster parents provide a safe, nurturing home for children until they can be returned to their families. However, on average foster parents have a 50 percent burnout rate.

Agencies estimate that 70 percent of certified homes do not make it through their second year. Children in foster care need a consistent, loving environment and foster parents can provide that when they have the support they need.

Written by foster parents, Project 99 compiles a list of unique ways foster parents have felt supported by their community. Throughout the month of August, and beyond, the community is encouraged to do one thing on the list each day for a foster family they know.

Items on the list include favors like babysitting, bringing meals, and transportation. Other items are simpler like smiling in the grocery store, giving them a hug, or mailing a card.

See the complete list at or follow along on WMPC's Facebook page.