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Morning Buzz: November 5

Posted at 10:38 AM, Nov 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-05 10:38:54-05

1. Have you been missing your Dunkin' Donuts and yummy coffee?

According to the Grand Rapids Business Journal, the former Checkers location at 4201 Alpine Avenue Northwest in Comstock Park, will be torn down, and a Dunkin' will be built. It will have a drive-thru for quick and safe service.

Since the word "donut" was dropped from the name, this is the first Dunkin' to come to the Grand Rapids area since re-branding. Expect to see more in the area, according to GRBJ, in the future.

2. It's National Doughnut Day!

America eats 10 billion doughnuts a year, that's about 31 doughnuts per person.

The signature hole in the middle is said to have been created to help doughnuts cook more evenly.

There are actually two National Doughnut Days. The other one is on the first Friday in June. That day honors the Salvation Army Lassies who served the pastry to soldiers during World War One.

Check your local bakery or coffee shop to see what deals they may have.

3. Menards wants to put smiles on the faces of less fortunate children in the community, and they need your help.

They're hoping people will purchase a toy or two while shopping in the store. Then customers can drop it off in the donation bin on the way out.

The Toy Drive goes until the end of November. All the toys will be donated to a local organization.

4. Panera may soon be serving booze with their bagels.

The company will add three more locations to the program in the following weeks. Drinks will range from $4-6.

If it's a success, alcohol could be sold in Panera Breads nation-wide.

5. Want some fries with that election? How about a beer? Americans are apparently answering "yes" to both!

According to Google, searches for "fries" and "liquor stores" saw a huge spike on Election Day.

People also searched for pizza, Chinese Food, sushi, and Mexican food.

Maybe they just wanted easily deliverable food so they didn't have to leave the house, but many people are pointing to a different explanation.

They say people are using comfort food and booze to ease their election anxiety.

Hopefully when it's all said and done, "jogging trails near me" will top the search list.