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Morning Buzz: June 17

Posted at 10:15 AM, Jun 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-17 10:15:30-04

1. If you're ready to shop for some good deals mark your calendars for July 12 and 13 for Amazon Prime Days.

The company announced the dates Thursday, saying the big sale will kick off at 3 a.m. and run for 48 hours in multiple countries, including Poland and Sweden for the first time.

You'll be able to save on electronics, toys, things for the house, clothes, and a ton of other stuff.

It's a big deal for deal-hunters and Amazon says it's a way to build loyalty with folks who have Prime and get new people to sign up.

During last year's Prime Day, online spending topped more than $11 billion, more than 6 percent over 2020.

2. If your dad is a foodie, you’ll want to check out these restaurant deals on Sunday for Father’s Day!

Applebee's has $10 bonus cards for each $50 bought.

Cracker Barrel also has digital bonus cards for dad on some home cooking.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse has dad brunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

And Cheesecake Factory gives you $25 or each $100 spent.

Or change dad's routines with a summer outing.

Consumers will spend $20 billion by Sunday and 76 percent of Americans will celebrate the day according to the National Retail Federation.

3. Scientists believe the Hubble telescope detected a black hole in our backyard.

Of course, that's speaking in astronomy terms. It's actually about 5000 light-years away in a spiral arm of our Milky Way, known as Carina-Sagittarius.

The black hole might look similar to what you are seeing, which is actually an artist's impression. Scientists identified it when Hubble observed deflected starlight bent by the collapsed star's massive gravitational pull.

Researchers believe this black hole is in motion, and think there are about 100 million more free-floating black holes moving about our galaxy. This newest discovery helps astronomers estimate the closest one could be about 80 light-years away.

4. Oreo is yet again adding a flavorful twist to its cookies. The cookie company announced on TikTok the release of its newest treat: the "Neapolitan Sandwich Cookies."

It includes three flavors in between the cookie. The limited-edition treats will have a layer of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla-flavored Oreo cream in between the sandwich cookie with two waffle cone cookies instead of the brand's traditional chocolate.

Oreo says these special sweets will be available nationwide next month.