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Morning Buzz: 5 things to know for December 11

Posted at 10:38 AM, Dec 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-11 10:38:47-05

1. LinkedIn is out with a look at what types of jobs are likely to be most in demand for 2020.

Cutting edge technology and mental health are big industries that are emerging.

For tech, robotics, engineering, data, and cyber security are big areas. Specifically jobs dealing with artificial intelligence.

When it comes to mental health, behavior health technicians are in high demand. They can fill roles in places like substance abuse treatment centers and YMCA's.

LinkedIn says other industries are open to hiring employees that have diverse backgrounds- specialized training- and other skills outside of the typical college education.

2. Many people might be relying on that tax refund to take care of all their 2019 holiday debt? The IRS says don't count on using the tax return to pay it all off.

The agency says most refunds won't be ready until the end of February at the earliest, and that's if people life right away. If tax payers are getting the earned income or additional child tax credits, it will take even longer. Those won't be processed until mid-February, and even then the refund wouldn't be issued without those credits.

Typically, it takes at least 21 days from the filing date for refunds to go through. The IRS will start accepting returns at the end of January.

3. Fans for both the home and away teams, coming together during a high school basketball game to root for the same person, an assistant principal battling cancer.

The Forest Hills Eastern Hawks and Lowell Red Arrows matched up at Lowell High School on Tuesday night.

While competitors on the court, both teams came together to help Tim Hollern beat cancer. Hollern is the assistant principal at Forest Hills Eastern, but his kids go to Lowell.

The game helped raise money for Hollern's cancer fight. He was actually released from the hospital on Tuesday, but he said there was no way he was going to miss the game.

4. Trader Joe's has come up with an ingenious way to enjoy some hot cocoa, a hot chocolate snowman!

The company is selling a chocolatey, mashmallowy, and adorable snowman you melt into a mug of hot milk.

The snowman will bob in the cup until it starts to melt, turning the milk into warm hot chocolate.

The two ounce hot cocoa snowman sells for $1.99 and it's the perfect holiday treat or stocking stuffer.

5. It's that time of year where going outside starts to look less inviting, but health officials remind us it's important to stay active.

Along with physical wellness, exercise this time of year can also help with seasonal depression.

Exercise psychologists say the key to staying motivated is removing as many obstacles as possible.

Set the thermostat higher for when you wake up so it doesn't seem as unappealing to get out of bed and get a morning workout in. They also say try and focus on the mental benefits.