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Michigan family creates Luc's Light Youth Music & Arts Foundation to honor son's memory

Posted at 11:23 AM, Jan 03, 2022

A West Michigan family is using the memory of their very talented son to fund outlets for children and teens to enhance and encourage their musical talents.

Luc's Light provides teens of Southwest Michigan the tools and training to explore and develop their artistic talents and creative expression in a safe and supportive environment. They encourage our students to find their voice through music, dance, painting, and other art forms; with faith-based values at their core.

The foundation was created in memory of 18-year-old Luciano Clayton Schincariol, who was passionate about playing the bass guitar. He also obtained other artistic talents such as keyboard playing, drawing, painting, and creative writing.

Luc passed away on June 24, 2021, when his actions led to fatal injuries. No one knows exactly what Luc was thinking or feeling that evening, but he was able to get himself to a phone to make a call for help before his passing.

Luc's Light was named based on a passion of Luc's; theater. On theater stages around the world, there is a light placed on the stage after the curtain closes and the performers and audience members have gone home. This light illuminates an otherwise dark auditorium, helping guide and keep any person who might come onto stage safe from the edge. So Luc’s Light wants to act as a light for teens of Southwest Michigan to come and navigate the world stage safely.

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