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Improve heart health with exercise tips and programs from Corewell Health

Posted at 10:46 AM, Feb 06, 2023

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for men and women in the United States. However, many types of heart disease can be prevented by reducing and controlling risk factors.

Corewell Health is celebrating National Heart Month in February with a month of programming and heart-healthy advice. Grayson Barbot, a certified exercise physiologist with Corewell Health Cardiac Rehab, shares heart-healthy exercise tips to try at home, the gym, or at Corewell Health's cardiac rehab programs.

Regular exercise is one important way of controlling those risk factors. Spectrum Health’s preventive cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation teams offer a variety of services and programs to those with cardiovascular disease or those at high risk of developing it. 

Cardiac rehabilitation is a medically supervised program that pairs exercise with education. It is intended for patients who have experienced heart attack, coronary intervention, coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve surgery and other serious heart conditions.

The program is designed to provide information, tools, and confidence to improve cardiovascular health, physical function, and quality of life. Cardiac rehab can lower the risk of a future cardiac event, control heart failure symptoms, and reduce stress and improve overall quality of life.

To learn more about Corewell Health West’s ICR program, visit the website at Cardiac Rehabilitation | Spectrum Health.

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