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How to navigate the workforce when you've lost your job or starting a business

Posted at 10:37 AM, Jun 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 10:37:47-04

You were cruising right along in your career or at your job, then suddenly, COVID-19 happened. Some are fortunate to work from home, while others won't have a job to return to.

Maybe the job you were doing won't be around anymore, so how do you go about navigating the workforce amid a pandemic?

Angela Civitella, a business and leadership coach at Intinde, shares some tips for job seekers and future entrepreneurs on how to navigate the job market.

1) Identify a need in the marketplace – At the core of every small business is identifying a need in the marketplace, and this is especially true now. When things get disrupted like during COVID, that’s when you need to offer a service that solves a problem. It can be anything that fulfills this need: a food delivery service; running errands for people; if you are tech savvy, and since more people are working at home, you can offer tech services; again, find the need and solve the problem.

2) Make the shift from employee to entrepreneur: As an employee, you are probably used to working the 9-5 and clocking out. When you run a small business, there is no closing time and you must be flexible. You have to quickly adapt to take on the role of the CEO, account executive, sales team, IT department and more. Make sure you know what you’re getting into and be ready to shift priorities multiple times a day.

3) Emphasis on online: The world is already operating in an online marketplace, and thanks to COVID this is definitely the continued way of the future. Make sure you place a big emphasis on offering your products and services via a website, portal, and social media. Make sure you can connect with clients quickly in the online world. If not, you’re going to be left behind and your business will not succeed. If you need to invest money anywhere, it’s in technology.

4) Innovation is key: As a new startup business, you need to do things to standout from others. Never stop innovating and trying new things and doing things differently than other companies in your area. Some of them might not go over so well, but others will. All you need is one or two to stick and it’s what will keep people coming back to you for more.

5) Always offer coaching: One of the hottest small business startups right now is the coaching industry. If everything involved with running a business isn’t your cup of tea, coaching might be. In this role, you are simply using your expertise to advise people and companies to improve results. Pro tip: even if you are running a successful small business, coaching can be another revenue stream.

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