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Help kids prevent the 'summer slide' with these toys & games

Posted at 11:13 AM, May 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-31 11:13:40-04

‘Summer slide’ is a phrase often used to describe a slide backward in educational skills kids practice during the school year. The best way to avoid a summer slide is by providing kids with the proper resources through fun, educational exercises, and games.

Lifestyle expert Kylie Kaufman has put together her favorite toys and games to prevent the summer slide.

HABA Colorful Shapes Arranging Game

This arranging game brings out the creative side in children. If the wooden shapes are placed so as to match the illustration, colorful shapes such as stars or triangles begin to emerge.

$29.99 | Age: 2+

HABA The Key: Theft at Cliffrock Villa

There has been a shocking string of robberies at Cliffrock Villa. Valuable works of art have been stolen! The players start their investigations and combine clues about the perpetrators, the time of the crimes, stolen items, and escape plans. They need to generate the right number code to put the thieves behind bars. In the end, it’s not necessarily the fastest investigator who wins the game, but the most efficient one.

$34.99 | Age: 8+

Schleich Farm World Animal & Playmat Bundle

Let’s take a trip to the farm! The Farm World Playmat and Animal Bundle brings your farm stories to life. Will the baby piglet and the donkey foal be the best of friends? What will the shiba inu puppy discover today? Includes six farm animal figures and a roll-up playmat decorated with colorful pastures, paddocks, and barnyards.

$49.99 | Age: 3-8

Plus-PlusPuzzle By Number®

Combines the artistry of a paint by number with the satisfaction of a puzzle into a unique creative experience. Using the enclosed pattern, fill in the design by matching each number with the corresponding color. When you are done, display it on a table or hang it up as room decor - no glue or ironing required! Available in Earth, Butterfly, Hearts, Space, Adventure, and Rainbow.

$14.99 -$34.99 | Age: 7+

What on Earth Books Britannica’s First Big Book of Why

Britannica’s huge, authoritative, and lavishly illustrated question and answer book will satisfy even the most curious kids, with over 100 questions verified by Britannica experts. Spanning a range of topics including animals, the body, machines, space, and more, this book provides clear and accessible explanations―and even explores some of the mysteries that experts are still trying to solve!

$21.99 | Age: 4-8