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Good News You Need for August 5

Posted at 10:34 AM, Aug 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-05 10:34:00-04

1. A new community seating area coming to downtown Kalamazoo.

The video above shows renderings of Haymarket Plaza, which will be between East Michigan Avenue and East Water Street.

It'll feature public internet, outdoor seating for a wine bar, space for food trucks and concerts, along with heated pavement.

Developers say it should be ready to go by the end of the year.

They are raising money to help fund the project, so head to to learn more.

2. A couple of West Michigan businesses are teaming up to release a new brew for everyone to enjoy along with a movie this summer.

Starting today, Studio C and Brewery Vivant are launching Cine Lager at Studio C's Sunset Cinema.

Brewery Vivand descripts the new brew as an amber lager that has just the right amount of malt character and says it's crisp and refreshing, but with backbone.

Cine will premiere during Wednesday night's cinema showing of "La La Land."

It will be available at Brewery Vivant and most STudio C events for the upcoming season.

3. Grab the shovels! Calvin University is creating a sand dune on campus.

They're bringing in more than 1,200 tons of sand for research purposes.

The sand was dumped on the east side of campus on Tuesday, and today it'll be spread out even more.

The goal is to give students an opportunity to study sand dunes without having to travel all the way out to Lake Michigan.

The sand dune will be used during the fall semester.

4. It's a favorite among kids for lunchtime, but now, they can have Kraft Mac and Cheese for breakfast too.

In fact, 56 percent of parents are telling Kraft they're serving it up in the morning more now than they have before.

So Kraft is playing along and came out with limited edition boxes with the word breakfast over where dinner usually is.

The boxes will be on sale next year, but if you want one now tweet "#KMCForBreakfast" and "#SweepstakesBetween" and you'll be entered to win a breakfast box along with a few other goodies.

Every time #KMCForBreakfast is used, Kraft donates 10 boxes of their mac and cheese to feed children.

5. There's a new protein powder that wants to make sure you hit your fitness goals, without sacrificing your sweet tooth. and Hostess are teaming up to bring you cake-flavored protein powders.

The Remix Nutrition collaboration's first products include a Twinkie-flavored powder and a chocolate cupcake flavor.

Both are said to mimic the iconic flavor of the Hostess snacks while offering the nutritional value people look for in a protein powder.

Both flavors come in 2-pound containers and can be found on for about $30 each.