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Friday's Friend: Maize

Posted at 12:25 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-05 12:25:55-05

Featured Pet: Maize

This beautiful cat is a sweet, senior kitty who enjoys being with her person. She appreciates a quiet, slow-paced environment, where she can get plenty of cuddles and do some window watching. Maize would love to get cozy with you on the bed for an afternoon nap and have the opportunity to be your BFF!

Maize's foster mom says: "Often, I will find her at my feet when I am working at my desk, and she will even follow me around if I go into the kitchen. She wants to love YOU just as much as she wants someone to love her!"

If you're interested in giving this affectionate lady the loving home she deserves, please visit

HWSM Critical Veterinary Equipment Fundraiser

Both the pets and vets of the Humane Society of West Michigan need your help! They're in critical need of the funds to purchase a Dental X-ray machine and two Bair Hugger temperature management systems.

The Dental X-ray machine is needed to help improve the dental health of the cats and dogs in HSWM care. They're also hoping to purchase two Bair Huggers, which are amazing contraptions that ensure animals undergoing medical procedures are kept warm and comfortable in a safe, reliable way that keeps their core temperature stable.

Donate today through the Facebook fundraiser.


Have your cans and bottles been piling up during quarantine? Instead of lugging them all the way to the grocery store and dealing with the gross hassle of sticky bottle return machines, consider signing up for Sipzee, a simple and safe returnable service that turns your extra cans and bottles into donations to help pets in need!

Sign up for their easy pick-up service today by visiting, submitting a pick-up request, and selecting Humane Society of West Michigan as your non-profit of choice!

Cats on Mats, Valentine’s Day Yoga

What's better than a lovely, relaxing session of yoga? Having adoptable cats join you on the mat!

Friday, February 12, celebrate Valentine's Day and get your heart chakra aligned with some cat and kitten yoga at Heights Yoga Project! Fall in love with adoptable feline friends and 50 percent of the class cost will go to support pets in need at HSWM.

Visit the Humane Society of West Michigan, or The Heights Yoga Project’s Facebook event pages to purchase your tickets, and spread some love today!

Cold Weather Safety

Temperatures are going to drop lower than ever this weekend, so we have some cold-weather safety tips to help keep both personal and community animals safe during this cold snap! To help keep your own pets safe in cold temperatures, try to limit the time your pet spends outdoors.

Make sure to keep an eye on your pet’s body language, shivering is a clear sign your pet is too cold! Bundle up if you’re going to brave the cold, and boots, sweaters, and coats can help keep dogs warm and safe on walks.

If booties aren’t your pup’s thing, be sure to clip any long fur between their toes to prevent snow and ice build-up on their paws. Once they come back inside, be sure to wipe any snow, ice, or salt off of their paws and bellies with a wet cloth.

Outdoor and community cats suffer the most during cold snaps, but there are steps you can take to help support them! Outdoor cats will sometimes seek warmth inside of cars, so bang the hood or honk your horn before turning on your vehicle to avoid any accidental injury. Instead, provide community and outdoor cats with shelters to protect them from the bitter cold! They are simple and affordable to make; all you need is a plastic tub lined with insulation material and filled straw, with an opening cut out into one side to keep outdoor cats safe and healthy all winter long!