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Friday's Friend: Kimmie

Posted at 12:22 PM, Oct 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-30 12:22:20-04

Kimmie is just a big kitten! Her favorite things to do include playing and zooming around. She loves interactive play but also knows how to entertain herself, too! Once her energy is exhausted, Kimmie is always up for a snuggle. Looking for a "life of the party" type of cat? Look no further!

To learn more about how you can meet Kimmie please visit

Ringworm Cats & Kittens – Fee-Waived!

Are you looking for adorable, sweet, little fluffs to take home? We have quite a few ringworm positive cats and kittens that are looking for their forever families. We know--ringworm positive sounds scary, but it's not! Did you know it is not even a worm?

It takes a little work to help them get better, but with the treatment provided by HSWM, these kittens will heal quickly and easily! We will give you all the needed medication and instructions to help these babies recover and start their happy lives with you!

To schedule an appointment to meet one of these kitties please go to

The results are in for Bark in the Dark 2020!

We are so grateful to this community for supporting animals in need. Because of generous businesses and individuals like you, HSWM was able to raise $57,958.83 through Bark in the Dark 2020. We know so many things looked different this year, but throughout all of it, our community shifted to safely help the animals we care for. Thank you for your support!

Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween almost upon us, it's always good to remember the safety of our pets during festivities! Make sure to keep candy (especially chocolate) out of reach, and keep in mind what decorations are safe to use around your furry friends. Be careful with costumes that could be scary or restricting to your pet, and be sure to keep them calm and easy to identify when the door is opening and closing for trick-or-treaters.