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Former competitive athlete and collegiate coach helps athletes integrate their faith into sports

"The Christian Athlete" guides students in sports
Posted at 10:38 AM, Apr 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-05 10:38:02-04

Student-athletes face all types of pressure to perform on the field or court, bond with their teammates, and keep their grades up on top of it. All of these pressures combined can create stress and frustration on and off the field, so how can students address those frustrations in a glorifying way?

A Rockford native who was cut from three different sports teams started his own sports team and is a sports coach addresses this question and more in a brand new book, The Christian Athlete: Glorifying God in Sports.
Brian Smith is a former competitive athlete and collegiate coach to All-Americans and future Olympians. Currently, Brian is on staff with Athletes in Action.

The Christian Athlete shares Smith's experiences of working with and disciplining athletes for the past 15 years, giving readers practical ways to integrate their faith into sports.

When Smith was in attending high school in Rockford, he was cut from three different teams, so he started his very own basketball league with a friend called BBA (Blythefield Basketball Association), and it’s still going on today.

In The Christian Athlete, Smith covers a variety of topics for parents to help have discussions with their kids during sports season including:

  • How to help our child who’s feeling down about bench time.
  • What is an honoring way an athlete can express frustrations to their coach?
  • During player conflicts, when do you step in to help your child – and when do you let your child handle it.
  • How can a parent’s reaction during a game directly affect their kid?

Smith has had the opportunity to encourage and equip thousands of athletes and coaches across the country, including Chris Maragos, two-time Super Bowl champion, and Leah Amico, three-time Olympic Gold Medalist.

Want to meet Brian Smith in person? He will be signing copies of his book at Baker Book House, located at 2768 E Paris Ave SE, on May 5 at 7 p.m.

Learn more about this book and where to purchase a copy at